Frequently Asked Questions


How is the group run?

Shropshire Young Ramblers was formed in 2005 and is affiliated to the The Ramblers. It is run by a committee of volunteers who work together with our other members to keep the group active, and to maintain a programme of events to look forward to.

How often do you hold walks?

Walks are held most weekends on a Saturday or Sunday, though during the summer months we may also run walks during the week and in the evenings.  We also organise weekends away throughout the year. For the latest information, please view our Calendar.

What age are members?

We currently have members ranging from their early 20’s right through to about 50. For those over 50, there are plenty of other Ramblers groups out there catering for different age groups, however if you still want to join us on a walk, you’re very welcome.

Are dogs allowed on walks?

Guide dogs are permitted on walks, however we kindly ask that you check with the walk leader beforehand, as some routes may have challenging terrain that is unsuitable for dogs. For other dogs, it is down to walk leader discretion as to whether they are allowed, depending on the type of walk and location.

Are children allowed on walks?

Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult/parent/guardian on all walks, due to insurance reasons. Anyone looking to bring a small child or baby with them must also seek permission from the walk leader prior to the event, as the walk may be unsuitable due to length, grading or other reasons. The walk leader has the right to turn people away who do not follow these guidelines.

Who organises the walks and where are they held?

All our walk leaders are volunteers and members of SYR, and are fully insured by the Ramblers.  Members are encouraged to organise and lead walks, and help will be offered to those who wish to have a go for themselves. Walks are led in a range of locations, from rugged North Wales, to the rolling Shropshire Hills and offer a wide range of grading’s, from leisurely strolls to more challenging mountain hikes.

Am I able to get a lift to a walk?

We aim to organise car shares for the majority of our walks, so reducing our Carbon footprint and allowing us to access areas with more limited parking. Information about the car share time and place is detailed on each individual walk page. If you are fortunate enough to have been given a lift, we like to suggest offering the driver some form of recompense, be that in the form of a drink or a small donation towards fuel.

Where is your lift share point?

Our normal meeting point is the car park opposite Little Chef on the Dobbies A5/A49 roundabout, south of Shrewsbury (postcode: SY3 0DA). Just park up and look around for a crowd of people in walking gear, it’s more than likely to be us! That said, please check the details of the individual walk before turning up, and contact the walk leader to say whether you are meeting at the car share point or at the walk start, so we can look out for you.

I'm new; do I have to pay to come on a walk?

Definitely not!  We welcome new members to attend up to three walks before joining. After the third walk, you would be requested to join SYR if you wish to continue attending walks. By joining, you will enjoy the following:

I'm new; do I have to attend a 'New Member' walk first?

Not at all! However, we would not recommend attending anything other than a leisurely walk unless you are already an experienced walker. We find that holding specific New Member walks allows several potential new members to come along so that they don’t feel “new” on their own. Not that there’s any need to feel “new” as we are a really friendly bunch of people who always welcome new members!

What equipment do I need?

We recommend the following items of clothing:

If in doubt, please ask before attending the walk.  It is possible that you will not be allowed to participate in a walk of your equipment/clothing is unsuitable.

I have a disability, can I still attend a walk?

We aim to welcome anyone to our group. However, as we are a voluntary group, we cannot always guarantee that there will be someone able/qualified to assist you on a walk. We therefore request that you bring someone along with you who is aware of your needs to assist you, and advise the walk leader prior to the event so that they are fully aware.

I'm sold, how do I join?!

If you would like to join us, you must become a member of The Ramblers, and then affiliate yourself to the Shropshire Young Ramblers (code SS07). For more details on costs and additional benefits, please visit The Ramblers web site.

Do you organise social events?

Meals out, camping and canoeing are just some of the fabulous events organised by our Social Secretary. These events are open to members of the club only.  If you have any suggestions for additional events, please contact our social secretary.

How can I keep regularly updated with "What’s on"?

There are two main ways to keep up to date with events:

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we’re on Facebook! Facebook is another great way of finding out about forthcoming walks. If you become a member of our Facebook group you’ll receive invites to each walk. We don’t have a full calendar of walks on Facebook, however it’s a good way to check out some of our events.

Anything else you'd like to know?

If so then please feel free to ask!