Next walk
Sat 9th February
Ifton meadows
Next New Members Walk
Sun 31st March
Sandstone Trail
Next Social Event
Sun 3rd February
Armoury Meal

(members only)

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We are a walking group for young individuals within the Shropshire area. We usually have a walk on every weekend and often have social events and weekends away too. Have a look at what's coming up on our calendar.

If you are looking for details on how to join the club please go to the join page.

New Members

Once in a while, we hold 'New Member Walks'. These are aimed specifically at individuals who may wish to come and experience SYR without the commitment of joining. Look out for the next one on our calendar.

However, if you have missed one of these walks, you can turn up at any one of our walks on our calender. We would really like to meet you!

Details of the current walk programme and other events are available on the calendar page.

Social Events

In addition to regular walks we often have social events which may be meeting up for a meal, drinks in town, theatre, festivals, canoeing, geocaching, etc. Social events are usually open only to members.

More Information

For more information please contact us.

Details of other local ramblers groups which may be of interest can be found on the Ramblers Association website.